Bloggen Prestationsstegen som drivs av Ronnie Lindahl och Jenny Engström

Vi kastar dem framför bussen...

En mentalitet som växer sig starkare i Sverige idag att vi går efter och kritiserar hur andra människor gör och beter sig. Det har blivit legitimt att öppet kritisera, hänga ut eller tycka vad man vill om vem man vill och i medier där man slipper stå för det utan med tryckfrihetslagen ...

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Outside the box!

At the Indira Gandhi Airport in New Delhi they did solve the problem with ladies an mens toilet with a photograph so you could select wisely when you need to go. Sometime we need to look outside the box to find a better solution then we can come up with.
We need to throw out old values away to m ...

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Björn Borg

A tennis player is most efficient and capable of good results when he is in the zone state.

That's when the mind is empty! No mind state!

If a player is thinking about anything during ball exchange, he disturbs his concentration and makes errors.
Especially damaging are thoughts about nega ...

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Can you wait for it?


- There is a short moment that's like magic just before I eat my honey, said Winnie the Poo
Maybe Winnie the Poo has right and its not achieving goal that matters, just having them really close recognize the feeling when ...

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On the congress for excellence and mental training in Chandigarh India 2015

The true grit!

Dan Nadeau, me and Terry Orlick on the World Congress of Excellence in Chandigarh India.

They are both really smart with great knowledge about how we people can have the best life as possible. They have the true grit and it means that they have the sparkle and power to create energi to inspi ...

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