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I'm specialize in managing high-performance people and teams.

Ronnie Lindahl is born on the island Gotland in Sweden and changed the career from a Construction entrepreneur to Peak Performance specialist for over ten years ago. He’s customers are primarily high performers in athletes, teams, companies but he also help individuals. He’s mission is to satisfy the need of personal and team development needs of teams and companies. We create value by delivering the knowledge, skills and strategies for success. My methods are training, coaching, mental training, peak performance and positive psychology success.

The athletics and teams he coaches are for example in the sports of Fotboll, Handball, Motocross, Swimming, Basket ball, Figure skating, Tennis, Table tennis and Floorball.He is coaching clients from the countries Sweden, Denmark, India, Brazil, Kosovo among others.
He’s education is Licensed Mental Trainer, Team coach and Coach.

In cooperation with Lars-Eric Uneståhl he implanted Mental training at Chandigarh Law Tennis Academy in India. In this first initiative of its kind, the young champions and tennis coaches will be trained in the skills of visualization, team problem solving, role of mind in optimizing performance, stress management, relaxation, goal setting and self-development. The ultimate goal for the players is excellence in performance.

He has had the joy to be apart as mental trainer in the national teams that became champions in football Tyresö FF and the basket ball team Telge Energi.

The World champions in floorball Louise Wickström, Linnea Almgren, Erica Hellberg and Jennifer Stålhult have been coached by Ronnie.

He is coaching Tobias Gustafsson Storvreta IBK and Swedish national team who won National championship several times and become World champion 2021 as captain in the Swedish national team. Tobias was selected the best floor ball player  in the world 2021.

He is coaching the motocross driver Jonatan Mattsson jonatanmattsson.se

So let me be your partner in personal development and peak performance and contact me below!
E-mail ronnielindahl@me.com
Phone +46705410800

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