Can you wait for it?

– There is a short moment that’s like magic just before I eat my honey, said Winnie the Poo
Maybe Winnie the Poo has right and its not achieving goal that matters, just having them really close recognize the feeling when you made a effort!

The Marshmallow test is one test of self control where your skills to resist something you really want . We have different skills to handle a situation there we need to wait for a future reward. Those who can resist the reward for a bigger reward in the future can make better decsicions in life. There have been a lot of follow up studies on the children that did participate in the research and test.

We have to learn our athletics to handle the loss of something and wait for the reward and concentrate on what the want in the long run. One of my friend and one of my role model Igor Ardoris use to say that he doesn’t learn athletics to win, he just learn them to loose!
I totally agree with him…

Is a bad looser automatically a person that like to win?

Whats your ”Marshmallow” challenge?

How do you handle a loss?

Whats your strategi to resist?

Mention a few great winners and make a list of what make them winners?

Publicerad av Ronnie Lindahl

Ronnie är utbildad elittränare med vidareutbildning inom team och business coachning, mental träning/prestationspsykologi på masternivå samt inom neurolingvistisk programmering NLP. Ronnie har haft glädjen att vara med i teamet som bidrog till Tyresö FFs SM-guld i Damallsvenskan samt Telge Energis SM Guld i Basketligan.

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