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On the congress for excellence and mental training in Chandigarh India 2015

I meet Terry Orlick at the congress for excellence and mental training in Chandigarh India 2015.

One of my role models is Terry Orlick who is a mental trainer from Canada. Terry is one of the most respectable psycologists in the world and work as a professor in the university of Ottawa in Canada. I meet Terry in India on the congress of excellence and he shared alot of his great ideas about how we people have to do if we want and good life. I use five of his quotes in my own life and in my work with leaders and athletics. Terry have wrote books in how we can reach excellence in life and sports and you can practice his words in all areas in your life.

Terry’s big five:

  1. Thinking, knowing or planning don’t take you towards your goal, but action’s do.
  2. At the end of the day make a list of highlights on a paper.
  3. Focus on the things and activity that take you closer your goal.
  4. When you find out that your choosen direction isn’t the right way you dont need to carry on because you have made an effort.
  5. Give almost all your attention and focus on the things you know how to do and the rest will follow.About Terry OrlickTerry Orlick in Daytime Ottawa


Publicerad av Ronnie Lindahl

Ronnie är utbildad elittränare med vidareutbildning inom team och business coachning, mental träning/prestationspsykologi på masternivå samt inom neurolingvistisk programmering NLP. Ronnie har haft glädjen att vara med i teamet som bidrog till Tyresö FFs SM-guld i Damallsvenskan samt Telge Energis SM Guld i Basketligan.

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